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What is a Doula?

A doula (in childbirth) is a person ,male or female, who  provides guidance and support to the mother of a newborn baby. 

There are many types of doulas who specialize in different types of support. In childbirth there are three commonly known doulas; Birth Postpartum and bereavement doulas. 

Birth Doulas who begin their support in the weeks prior to childbirth may even support women from the very beginning of their pregnancies. These doulas help navigate the rapidly changing bodies, diets of the expecting mother. they also help provide the ultimate birthing experience by teaching personal rights and options, guiding meditation and being a helping hand up until childbirth.


Postpartum doulas specialize in helping parents adjust to parenthood. They will provide information and tips that can help mother recover comfortably and even show dad how to care for the brand new baby. They may act as a helping hand around the house for a few hours occasionally to help the new parents get ahead in their day. 


Bereavement doulas work with a very specific area in pregnancy. Bereavement doulas support families who have experienced grief from a miscarriage or stillbirth. These doulas specialize in having compassion and information about navigating the experience of losing a child. 

We are both Birth and Postpartum Doulas!

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