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Mother and Son

Certified Birth/ Postpartum Doula 

Child Birth Educator Certified in Perinatal Issues

Niya specializes with first time mothers and teen pregnancy. She provides support and encouragement to her clients and their partners. She helps to prepare a woman physically and emotionally to endure childbirth in the most comfortable way for her.  She helps to guide you through doctors appointments and questions you may want to ask as well as meditation to help ground your energy. She provides online courses, meditations and guided yoga exercises. 


After the COVID-19 pandemics swept the world, everyone had to get creative and innovative in order to stay connected. There was one thing that didn't change…people were still having children, of course. The only thing about this is, due to the new protocol for visitors in a hospital, and more specifically, the birthing room, changed drastically. 

Mothers were no longer allowed to have the family support as they did before being that they could only have one visitor at a time. We had to get CREATIVE! 


Thanks to COVID we now have added the option to have Virtual Doula Support during your birthing experiences. This works out for the better since people are no longer limited to their own cities for finding a suitable doula! Now at the tap of a button, you can have access to your personal doula support anytime.



Niya, AKA HTX Doula was born and raised in southeast Houston to a caring mother, grandmother and great grandparents. She had a calling to help others since she was a young girl. From helping out at Sunday school to caring for animals at school everyday, she just wanted to help those around her. 


After high school graduation, she proceeded to attend college while remaining in Texas. She was able to decide the best path for her and found that the best way for her to assist her community is to provide useful information for mothers, particularly first time mothers. She caught wind that the mortality rate for women in hospital  pregnancy had risen and wanted to know why and what we could do to change things for the better. 


Niya decided to take her love for anatomy and fascination with pregnancy to the next level. She attended BEST DOULA Training and has continued her training throughout the years to continue learning about women's rights and options. She has had tremendous success supporting women and partners alike.

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