My name is Shaniya and I am from Houston, Texas. Since I was young, I had a interest in science. By the time I was in high school I found myself taking extra biology classes instead of typical electives. My interest in biology sparked in the seventh grade directed towards genealogy. Over time, I realized I was actually interested in going into the medical field as a OB/GYN and later pursuing my own midwifery practice. 

Over time, through experiences in school and personal experiences with my own doctor, I realized that maybe my approach to the medical field may not be exactly the right one for me. I took a much needed step back and in the meantime learned everything about being a doula. 

I took the leap to become a Certified Doula immediately after graduating from college and I haven't stopped learning yet. 

My goal as a Doula is to help expecting mothers get the chance to enjoy the ups and the downs of pregnancy and childbirth. I want mothers to feel strength and empowerment as they are vessels of life during gestation. I want to make sure each woman I work with understands their options as a birthing person. 

I have committed to creating online content to assist mothers through the pregnancy and childbirth experience making information accessible from the comfort of their homes. 

In2020, of course we all experienced the beginning of a new way of life when Covid-19 began to affect the world as a collective. Every individual, family, and business was affected in some type of way by this global pandemic. One thing I believe is that we have all learned to improvise and adapt to new terms and conditions. Specifically, Covid-19 provided an obstacle for most doulas when it comes to actually being in the presence of the birth mother at the time of birth (or anytime, for that matter). Due to the current hospital policies in the US, patients are not allowed to have more that one visitor alongside them during their entire stay.  Some Hospitals allow the patients two guest both being mother and father, depending on the facility. 

Doulas everywhere have had to improvise our method of sharing information and support for our beautiful clients as intimately as we can. In 2021, Bound2BearthDoulas have committed to providing an online haven for expecting mothers and fathers alike, consisting of weekly, comprehensive blogs, forum and self-paced courses. 

Mother and Son

Certified Birth/ Postpartum Doula 

Child Birth Educator Certified in Perinatal Issues