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B-Earth Pack

Note: Full payment is required up front. If you need to make smaller payments, WE OFFER A PAYMENT PLAN.



  • (1) 30-minute Virtual class over birthing options

  • (1)  In-person visit including belly-casting or belly-painting

    • We will discuss your birthing plan and options.

    • The belly casting supplies are included in the pricing

      • You can pick a theme you would like to go with and I will bring it to life for you. You are responsible for the majority of the decorations if you prefer a particular theme. 

    • Belly-painting supply cost are included in the pricing 

      • I recommend this appointment is booked on the same day you would like to take maternity photos but that of course is up to you!

      • Additional prices will apply only if you need a photographer 

  • (1) 2-hour nesting visit

    • Aromatherapy treatment 

    • I will help you unpack new gifts from your family and friends and place them in their new places, preparing you for the arrival for your new baby!

    • I will help vacuum/sweep and mop the nursery area *

  • (1) Assisted doctor/midwifery visit

    • I will support you however you need whether you just need a friend or if once you get in front of your doctor and forget every single question you had before the visit. 

  • Virtual/In-person labor support 

  • Weekly pregnancy affirmations 

    • Weekly check ins and words of affirmations from initial meeting to 3-weeks postpartum

  • 24-hour question and answer via text message 

    • Ask me anything!

    • I will respond within the day with whatever it is you'll need! 

  • (2)Childbirth education book rentals*

  • Access to 6 online childbirth education courses

  • (1) Postpartum support visit (2-hour visit)

    • I will come and support parents and newborn children in getting acquainted at home. You will be able to choose three personalized services upon arrival that would help you get ahead in your day.

    • Select one service 

      • (1)load of baby laundry from start to finish*

      • 30-min postpartum yoga flow

      • 45-min mommy time

    • Select two services 

      • Bottle sterilization 

      • Baby bath

      • Quick Meal 

      • Baby food prep*

      • Parental food prep- up to three days *



B-Earth Pack

$900.00 Regular Price
$720.00Sale Price
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